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To better understand the DMF search and what it encompasses, here are five things you should know. This information is often passed on to the SSA by family members, funeral homes, financial institutions, postal authorities, States and other Federal agencies. The DMF is used by several types of organizations as well as government agencies to prevent identity fraud.


Running financial, credit, and other applications against the DMF can help companies better identify and prevent identity fraud. Today, the SSA and NTIS are not only working together to offer the files more frequently and with fewer delays, but they are also providing weekly and monthly updates electronically to reduce handling and production time.

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In the event an error is discovered on a record, the affected individual is advised to contact their local Social Security office not SSA headquarters or NTIS to make the correction. What are your thoughts on the DMF search? Is it part of your employment screening program?

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Please share in the comments section below. Many times, this activity involves employment opportunities or financial deception. Restrictions to the information distributed by each state come into play according to Section r of the Social Security Act.

Alive or dead: Validity of the Social Security Administration Death Master File after 2011

Because of the wide use and demand for death records for a variety of industries, SSA has partnered with the U. Although each DMF download is visible on the site, each file is password protected and requires a lengthy application process and associated fees to cover the costs of the NTIS certification program. Certified persons, also called Subscribers, must have a legitimate fraud prevention interest, or have a legitimate business purpose pursuant to a law, governmental rule, regulation, or fiduciary duty in order to be certified under the program.

Department of Commerce.

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Starting in December, the administration has communicated the following:. On March 2, SSA released 1,, historical death records in addition to normal death record updates.

Sharing these deaths will increase the accuracy, integrity, and completeness of our records as well as the DMF. We will notify you a week prior to receiving an increased volume of death information in your files. You can expect to receive an anticipated volume along with that communication.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. Within the healthcare industry, many professionals in various departments including human resource, compliance, credentialing, and more are tasked with ensuring that no individual or organization is behaving fraudulently.

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We are here for you as your trusted advisor with a focus on your unique definition of success. Keep us in the loop so we can be a valuable member of your team. The Death Master File DMF is an important primary source to include when working to achieve full transparency on each individual within and associated with your organization. Verisys Corporation has permissive use of this data, which is key in the prevention of identity fraud.

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The Death Master File, a searchable database on individuals who had Social Security numbers and whose deaths were reported to the Social Security Administration SSA , has been available since and contains some 83 million records dating back to ; and also includes those who died prior to who still had active Social Security accounts in An estimated three million death records are expected to be added to the Death Master File in The DMF is not an exhaustive list as it relies on data reported from many different sources such as financial institutions, State and Federal institutions, families, health care institutions, funeral homes and others.

There is often a lag in reporting time based on lack of knowledge of process, back log of administrative tasks, and in some cases, intentional delay for fraudulent collection of Social Security benefits.

The Death Master File database includes first and last name, with middle initials added starting in ; date of birth; month and year of death, with the day of death added in ; social security number; and, in some cases, information regarding verification of death. Department of Commerce. The full file is shared exclusively with Federal or State agencies and includes state death records.